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About Us

Skillendar is a neighbourhood network for you to connect with and reach out to your local community. Like Facebook is a network for friends and LinkedIn is a network for professionals, Skillendar is a network for neighbourhoods. Also Skillendar has a unique calendar based skill search that helps you find the availability of people in your neighbourhood who are open to share their time or provide a service, at a glance. Hence the name Skillendar, short for 'Skills On Calendar'.



Explore your neighbourhood and connect with people you know. Share news and events with your community.
Availability Search

Availability Search

Our unique skill search lets you find the availability of the best rated people at a glance on an availability calendar.
Time & Bookings management

Time & Bookings Management

Comprehensive yet simple time & bookings management tools which do not require you to have any prior training.


Whether it's a quick one liner or a more detailed message with documents attached to it, member communication is an integral part of Skillendar which also connects related bookings for better traceability.

Neighbourhood network

As a community platform Skillendar helps you to connect with more people in your neighbourhood and allow you to share and keep posted on everything that happens in your local community. Once you have registered with Skillendar, use the explore option to find people whom you know in your neighbourhood and send them your connection requests. Skillendar will also recommend new members to you based on mutual connections. You can be active in the community by regularly posting relevant and valuable information on the community wall.

If possible, we would really recommend that you become a provider and start helping your community regardless of whether you would like to charge a fee for the service or time you offer or you are open to do the job free of charge as a community service.

Skillendar is designed for short term or temporary jobs. Hence it really suits people with busy schedules and limited availability like Students, People with full time jobs wanting to do a second job etc. Moreover, Skillendar helps you publish your personal interests and hobbies and attract potential clients to earn extra income over your evenings and weekends.

We believe, in this economic downturn, if we all work together we could get things done very cheaply and quickly the age-old way - ‘People helping people’. Though in the olden days they were not calling these efforts “a community outreach” our ancestors were actually following this motto in its fullest.

Come on, let’s show some community spirit.

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