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Skillendar for CharitiesAt Skillendar, we respect and support charities and non-profit organisations. Charities can utilise Skillendar network to reach more volunteers with the right skills as and when they are required. As Skillendar is a community platform, sending out important announcements to all its members connected through Skillendar couldn’t be easier.

We are also planning to introduce custom profiles specifically for charities to increase the awareness amongst community members. Please contact us, if you would like us to create an attractive and informative profile page for you absolutely FREE.

Top 3 tips to reach more volunteers in your community

  • Credible profile
    Most people are more than happy to help out if you make them aware of your mission and explain the advantages of being part of a good cause. So have an informative Skillendar profile that motivates community members to get connected and share their time with the organisation.
  • Social media
    Share your Skillendar profile through social media and invite more people to get connected to your profile. This will help you reach out to the community and find volunteers with the right skills for the right job as and when required.
  • Engage with the community
    Keeping all the community members up-to-date on news and events that are related to your organisation through the Skillendar community wall will help you engage more with the members and keep up the spirits.
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