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How to provide services?

Skillendar is a community led platform where you can publish your skills and share your time or provide any services.

We are all different; we all have different skills and expertise in varied areas that support our day to day lives. At Skillendar, we believe we can all give something back to the community. That’s why we built this platform where there is not much difference between the providers and customers. All of our members can provide and receive services to and from their fellow members at the same time. We appreciate and value people’s time, so we understand that not everyone will have the luxury of sharing their time or providing their services free of charge. Skillendar tackles this by enabling members to be able to decide whether they want to charge the customers for service or do it free of charge as a community service. Moreover, on Skillendar, members can manage their time and bookings for both their paid jobs and volunteering activities through the same account.

You can offer any service through Skillendar i.e. No service is too big or too small here. These services can be anything ranging from babysitting, cleaning, ironing etc. to teaching, accounting, consulting etc. If you are open to help the community with general help rather than a specific skill you can share your time through Skillendar as well.

Skillendar is designed for short term and temporary jobs. So you can sell your spare time during evening or weekends to earn some extra income or do your volunteering more efficiently.

Once you have registered, follow the checklist below to become a provider on Skillendar.

  1. Update your profile
  2. Add skills and services ( Even if you are only sharing your time, you still need to create an entry under skills and services with ‘Time’ as your service name)
  3. Configure availability settings
  4. Choose location preferences
  5. Turn the provider status on
  6. Update payment settings (Only if you intend to collect online payments)
  1. Manage your availability through the advanced calendar
  2. Upload photos of your previous work on your profile.
  3. Add Q&As on your profile
  4. Use the Skillendar Buttons (Profile - Friendly Profile URL) on your email signatures, websites, blogs etc. to promote your profile

You can switch the provider status on or off any time you want. This, along with the privacy settings will help you to control your visibility on the skill search results.

You will get an email notification whenever someone sends you a booking request. You will then be able to either accept or decline this request. However this will not become a bounding agreement until the customer confirms the booking. Always remember to gather all the necessary information to deliver the service from the customer before accepting any booking requests.

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