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Skillendar Credits

Skillendar for CharitiesWe introduced Skillendar Credits as a token of our immense appreciation and sincere thanks to those who are helping the community and supporting our mission. We are working with several organisations and sponsors to offer you the best gifts and hampers based on your available credits. We will be launching different ways of redeeming the Skillendar Credits soon. Until then keep collecting your credits to get the big surprise that you really deserve.

Credits are allocated automatically whenever you satisfy the pre-set criteria or complete an action. Though there are only a few events that trigger these credits at the moment, we will introduce several new ways to gain more credits.


Friends & Family Invites

If any of your friends or family register with Skillendar through the invite link you send them via email or social media, you will get 5 Skillendar credits.


If you join Skillendar directly or via an invite link sent to you by your friend or a family member, you will receive 5 Skillendar credits.


When a booking is confirmed, the customer and the provider will get 5 Skillendar credits each.


If you write a review about a member, you will get 2 Skillendar credits.

Partnering and sponsorship:

If you are interested in sponsoring Skillendar we would really love to hear from you. Our team can develop custom sponsorship packages and innovative marketing initiatives that will help your brand, connect with your customer base, generate new leads, and increase your visibility online and offline. Please contact us to know more about our offerings.

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